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Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment

EDICAS has always been committed to the quality of its products.
Intransigence towards lack of quality, respect for
the environment, innovations and responsibility towards the
clients make our company a leader in the artificial
edible collagen casing sector.

Laboratory of control and analysis:

In our laboratories we analyse the products used, the intermediate preparations and the end product. Different physical and chemical analyses are undertaken to ensure we obtain the results expected of each stage of the production process.

Similarly, the continuous control of our process enables us to correct in real time any deviation in the quality, considerably decreasing the risk of obtaining an end product that does not adjust to our standards of quality.

Quality of the productive process:

The traceability system enables us to know at all times the raw materials, ingredients, intermediate preparations, the metres extruded and all the information relating to the quality of the casing produced. Moreover, it enables us to know where each batch of our product has been.

Online controls:

We have integrated systems of computerised control in the different lines of production that check the quality data obtained and correct the deviations "online".


Water is one of the natural resources required for the manufacturing process of collagen casings. Our scrupulous system of use and reuse of water allows us to guarantee a minimum debt to the environment.

Our purification plant enables us to return the water with an optimum quality. Proof of this is the rich flora and fauna of the river in its course behind our plant.

Quality and Environmental Policy:

Good planning, a positive attitude, careful monitoring of the regulation and continuous improvement. All of these factors must lead us to minimise errors, to guarantee the innocuousness of our products and greater protection of our environment.

Quality of the product:

The greatest challenge in manufacturing casing is that of achieving the uniformity of the product.
The market demands an exact calibre, with an invariable thickness and great resistance to the drawing.

Through the application of advanced technologies and continuous training of our collaborators, EDICAS achieves these proposals ensuring that our products offer a permeability and elasticity that is unique in their sector.

At Edicas we fully comply with all the EC Regulation and other norms applicable in questions of food innocuousness and control of food products of an animal origin.

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Production of large calibres.

Production of coloured casings.

International presence in more than 50 countries.

Major investments made in R&D+i.

NU casing. A very tasty bite.

NB casing with high strength.

NC casing is versatile in cooking.

High demand in quality and food safety.

Environmental friendly.

Versatility of product formats.

Use of own technology.

More than 15 years researching on collagen.