NU, NC and NB Large Calibres The colours of Edicas Extra-fine casing

NU, NC and NB

Large Calibres

The colours of Edicas

Extra-fine casing

EDICAS casings are artificial edible collagen
casings for human consumption. Their use is suitable for both the
home and international pork industry, to make
cooked, fresh, cured and smoked sausages.

All our products are free of allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMO) and for their manufacture we use bovine hides certified by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

Their uniformity in calibre results in equal weights and measurements of all the sausages.

The use of EDICAS casings lengthens the useful life of the product due to the activity of the water, pH and low inventories of microorganisms, without leaving any inappropriate taste in the sausage.

EDICAS casings are generally presented in two different finishes: closed-end and open-end. We have added a range of large calibres and a variety of colours to our traditional range of NU, NB and NC products which are adapted to the most demanding needs of the client.

The variety of product is completed with a range of calibres with an extra-fine wall, designed to satisfy the most demanding palates: an excellent bite with excellent qualities for the sausage filling.

Production of large calibres.

Production of coloured casings.

International presence in more than 50 countries.

Major investments made in R&D+i.

NU casing. A very tasty bite.

NB casing with high strength.

NC casing is versatile in cooking.

High demand in quality and food safety.

Environmental friendly.

Versatility of product formats.

Use of own technology.

More than 15 years researching on collagen.